We went to the house today and took over the contents of our pantry to unpack there. For one, the pantry space is so much bigger, it looks like we have barely anything in there at all.
We vacuumed all the floors plus the shelving in the cupboards. I knew I was getting carried away with the vacuming when I vacuumed the bath, the shower and the front and back doors. Well, they aren’t dusty anymore.

Lela’s parents came over to install the gate at the side of the house which we need up so the dogs can move in. As of tonight, the gate is still being installed. Hopefully, it will be done by tomorrow afternoon.
I spent an hour or so in the garden pulling up all the masses of weeds in the garden beds. It was really relaxing to be pottering around the garden in the winter sunshine. Also two wild geese flew over the house whilst I was out there… so beautiful.

We meet one of our neighbours Anne-Marie, who was excited that we had dogs. It seems the neighbourhood has a feral cat problem and Anne-Marie is hoping our dogs will scare the cats away from her house. I think it may be the case of our dogs scaring the cats away from our house to her house. Anyway, Anne-Marie seemed really lovely and after Lela and I had left she came out to share the neighbourhood gossip with Lela’s mother. Apparently our other neighbour is called Bonnie and Phil lives two doors up (he stopped by to say hello to Lela’s dad). There is also a crazy Greek man who lives up the street who will harass you about your shopping. The neighbourhood seems a really friendly place to live. I didn’t want to leave the house this afternoon. I just wish we were all moved in already.

We still have more boxes to pack, but we are finally seeing the end of it. We should have it all packed away by tomorrow night.


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