Settlement Day!

The house is OURS!!! The settlement went through without a hitch. We are going to pick up the keys tomorrow morning.
I should be excited, but all I feel at the moment is bone-crushing exhaustion. Work was long, hard and hell on earth. Way too many surgeries, baths and grooms with annoying rescue people added to the mix.
Bonnie, who had the laparotomy on Wednesday, crashed this afternoon with renal failure. *sigh* The poor dog just can’t get a break. She now has two IV drip lines pumping fluids into her trying to keep her alive. I have my doubts about her surviving. Even if we get her over the renal failure, we still have to work out why she is always vomiting and has diarrhea.
I was supposed to finish work at 7pm, but didn’t get out of there until 8:15pm – so much for me keeping my hours to a minimum.
I know I will be excited about the house tomorrow when we have the keys and go over there to decide where to put everything. Tonight, I’m just tired and worried.


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