We had to do an emergency laparotomy today on a labrador Bonnie. Bonnie had been in hospital all of last week with vomiting and diarrhea, she had recovered enough to go home on the weekend, but suffered a relapse yesterday. We opened her up to make sure there was no foreign bodies in her intestines or stomach – we couldn’t see anything on the x-rays or feel anything, but we needed to be sure. Unfortunately, there was nothing, her internal organs all looked very healthy. We took some samples and closed her back up. Being a bloody and messy surgery, blood had pooled where Bonnie was lying and I didn’t really notice it, so when I picked up Bonnie to take her back to her cage to recover the blood soaked through my scrub top and work shirt and onto my skin. Really not pleasant. I had to change scrub tops to a clean one which I wore til the end of shift. I really can’t see clients with a massive blood stain on my top. The train ride home would have been fun if I didn’t have a nice big coat which I could button up.
Still coughing and sniffling, but at least now I can hear again. I still sound fairly dreadful on the phone though.


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