The sound of smashing pottery

We have had a minor gardening disaster here. I was going around emptying the water in the dishes under my pot plants that have gotten nice and full with all the recent rain. I had just gotten up to the herbs sitting on a ledge outside of our kitchen window. I lifted up the pot of mint and the whole ledge went crashing down onto the concrete pavement below. My three beautiful painted terroaotta pots containing my parsley, basil and rosemary were smashed to smithereens. Fortunately, I have quite a few spare pots, so there I was in my flannel PJs and ugg boots re-potting the parsley and rosemary. I decided to sacrifice the basil as it has been trying to die on me for months. Caleb helped me re-pot the parsley giving it a big doggy kiss to make it feel better. Just my luck to have a shepherd who loves gardening.
The herbs are now on the back deck with my little seedlings and the zombie coriander. Hopefully, they will be okay. The wooden ledge they were sitting on had completely rotted through, so has our actual window sill. This damn house is falling apart around us. I am so glad that on Monday week we shall be moving out before more things collapse.
Have organised someone to come in and clean the place up after we move out to make it respectable for the real estate inspection. I am not sure we will get all our bond back though as I am sure they will blame the house falling apart on our dogs.
Now I have to start getting serious about packing…


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