Work is still insane (what’s new). Everything that is coming through the door has vomiting and diarrhea. Some gastro bug, that isn’t parvo, is going through the canine population at the moment. We have four dogs in, all on drips, all with diarrhea and vomiting and none of them are parvo positive. I almost wish they were, because at least we would know what we were dealing with. At the moment, we are left scratching our heads and only able to offer supportive care.
In my attempt to reduce the number of hours I am working this week, I clocked up an hour’s overtime today. We seriously discussed getting in a third nurse, most probably a junior, to come in to help us out. We really need someone who can clean cages, prepare surgical kits and keep things under control whilst we deal with the increasing number of patients we are getting these days. Today it would have been lovely to have someone who could have cleaned up after surgery, washed the kits and answered the phone as Todd and I tried to deal with the two newest gastro patients that came in one after the other this evening. I might have been able to leave on time if that was the case. In the end I had to leave with things still not done. Work definitely isn’t boring at the moment.


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