I got interviewed for an article in the free animal magazine called Urban Animal. A client of ours works as a journalist for them and she rang up wanting to talk about human/dog communication – how much do dogs understand what we say to them and are we insane for talking to our dogs. Apparently a friend of hers mocked her for talking to her dog like it could understand her and it got her thinking. Not sure when or even if the article is going to be published though.

Hollie the Collie is still with us. It has been three weeks now since her owner dropped her off for a night’s boarding plus a vaccination, heartworm test and proheart vaccination. Hollie’s owner is homeless, but Hollie was extremely well cared for and the lady paid up front. We have had two phone calls each saying that she is coming to get Hollie, but then nothing. Fortunately, Hollie is a really well-behaved dog and loves just hanging out with us, so she is no trouble at all to have stay with us. But a clinic is really no place for a dog to live.
I had Hollie out at the reception desk with me this afternoon as I caught up on my mountain of paperwork. She was happy to lie down at my feet. But she was terrified of anyone coming in. She would go look at them and run behind the desk and hide. It was quite amusing actually.
If she is still with us after this weekend, we are going to have to seriously look at finding more suitable accommodation for her.


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