I got to hold and cuddle a baby wombat today. A client of ours discovered him in his dead mother’s pouch on the side of a country road on Sunday and she is hand rearing him until he is old enough to be released back into the wild. At the moment he is 6 months old and weighs only 1.1kg. He hasn’t got all his fur in yet, so is a pink fuzzy looking critter. He is so amazingly adorable. The client is going to bring him in every week for a weekly weigh-in to make sure he is gaining weight. I am very much looking forward to watching him grow up.

It is amazing how your perceptions change. We have been swamped at work over the past month and a half, barely having time to catch our breath. However, today as I was looking at what was in hospital, I labeled it as quiet day. Two months ago, I would not have labelled 4 baths, a cat groom, three surgeries and a hospital case as a quiet day. Yet it was strangely relaxing to be able to handle the caseload without being insanely busy.


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