Had a visit today by missmai_chan and her hubby John. It was fabulous to meet them and have a chat about gardening, dogs and life. Rory and Caleb were on their very best behaviour whilst Sare and John were here. I was very impressed by how calm and sedate they were. Obviously, we had caught them during their midday snoozing time. I think John fell in love with Rory – she was being very adorable and affectionate. However, when they left she went on a crime spree trying to steal all my Lush bath items spread around the bathtub.
Sare gave us some wonderful gifts of some preserved lemons and some plants (pumpkin, scrub cherry, alyssum and daisies(?)). Hopefully the plants survived my dodgy transplanting attempts this evening. Wondering if I should give them a feed of dynamic lifter fish emulsion tomorrow or just let them settle in first.
I also got the house semi-cleaned this morning. Floors swept, bathroom cleaned and two loads of washing done.
Had a productive afternoon getting our gas, phone, electricity, internet and Foxtel all organised to be switched on and/or installed at our new house. Only three weeks to go til we move! I can’t believe it is so soon.
We have someone coming around tomorrow morning to give us a fixed quote on moving all of our possessions.


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