Finally, a fine sunny day! I have appreciated the rain, but it has been hell trying to get clothes to dry in these damp and cold conditions.
lelak cleaned up along the side path at the front of our house where garden rubbish had been sitting for, well, years. Under all the lawn clippings we found beautifully composted soil and fat happy earthworms. Thus all my pot plants have received a lovely dose of compost plus we have a recycling container full of it to take over to the new place. I moved my strawberry plant from the front verendah to the back deck as it just wasn’t getting much sunshine and the poor plant looks very unhappy at the moment.
Also something has been eating my coriander that is also sitting on the back deck. I think the culprit is Rory, she ate my last lot of herbs that were in beagle reach. Obviously she has only just found the coriander interesting, as it has been growing happily for a while without being eaten.

I am trying to have showers lasting no more than four minutes. We have a timer in our shower that we got from the Eco show on Saturday. Last night, I failed, but only by about a minute. Obviously, I have to really pick up the pace and not enjoy the hot water so much. But it is hard when the only time you are truly nice and warm the whole day is when you are in shower. Sad to say that I am looking forward to going back to work on Wednesday cause we have heating there and it is so nice and warm.


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