Stop Deceiving Women

Right now, fake pregnancy counsellors are being allowed to operate unregulated in Australia. These organisations claim to offer unbiased professional advice, but in reality are staffed by anti-choice volunteers with little or no formal qualifications.

Some clients have even been called “murderers” by these so-called counsellors. Anti-choice activists disguise their views with generic sounding organisational names, promoting their “non-directive” services.

These groups don’t have to disclose that they are anti-choice & refuse to refer for abortion. They have been reported to provide false and misleading information about abortion – including that it causes breast cancer, infertility and mental illness. Worse, the Australian Government is funding some of these groups.

Act now, and tell the Senate Inquiry to recommend legislation to stop this deception.

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and stop conversations such as the ones below from ever occuring again….

-A father from a regional area contacted me by phone. His 16-year old daughter was five weeks pregnant as the result of being raped…
The local sexual assault unit (police) had looked up their list of services and given him Pregnancy Counselling Australia. So he phoned them. He was shocked and distressed by their comments. Once they heard that he favoured his daughter terminating her pregnancy, they called him a murderer.

-24-year old Karen and her husband presented to the clinic with an unplanned pregnancy…Karen had been married only a short time, her husband had recently lost this job, Karen was concerned that medication she had been taking might adversely affect the pregnancy, and neither felt ready to become a parent. The phone service informed them that abortion was an extremely dangerous operation likely to cause infertility and mental illness. The service would not refer the couple elsewhere, and the couple was left feeling highly anxious and hopeless.

-A woman in her early twenties attended the clinic for problem pregnancy counselling…She spoke to a woman who told her that if she had an abortion she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant again because a large percentage of women having abortions became infertile.


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