The Eco Show

Today lelak and I went to the Eco Living Show over at the Rosehill Gardens Centre. Unfortunately, missmai_chan and her hubby weren’t able to join us. :(
The show was really good. Got lots of information about rainwater tanks and even got a contact for doing our roof insulation at the new place. Origin Energy were giving out 6 packs of energy efficient lights and water efficient shower heads, so we got one of each. Installing the new shower head is going to be interesting.
I also signed up for the 12 week Green House challenge. It is about making one small change a week in how you live for the next 12 weeks. They will be sending me emails about way to do this, plus we got a handy booklet as well. We also got a 4 minute shower timer, so that will be my challenge for this week – having shorter showers. This is going to be hard as I love standing under the shower soaking up the hot water. No wonder there is never any hot water after I am done.
I also some some free seeds (pumpkin, lettuce and dwarf beans) from a guy who was running a stall about growing vegies when you have limited space. He had a bag of potting mix, with holes cut into for the plants to grow out of, sitting in a polystyrene box. The important things apparently were choosing a sunny location and making sure there was enough drainage. The display boxes looked very lush and green. He was encouraging kids to grow the vegies and sell them back to their parents.
We also brought a wool quilt for our bed. It has a woolen stuffing instead of the usual feathers. This was the kind of quilt we had in Vienna and it was just gorgeous to sleep under. Also got two free wool pillows and a introductory towel pack (two bath towels and a hand towel). All of the products use natural cottens and wool that have not been dyed. We have to wait under next week for our quilt to be delivered though.
Lots of information to re-read over and process.


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