Is there supposed to be that much blood?

I worked a double shift today as Kerri had to accompany her sister to hospital. Work was pure hell. It was insane chaos. But I survived, almost intact. I accidentally sliced my thumb open on a dirty scalpel blade. There was much blood and today being as it was, I had to go serve someone whilst having bloody swabs wrapped around my thumb and blood pouring down my hand. Now that was a good look. Also found out that it is very difficult to use the mouse when one is right handed and has sliced open their right thumb. Eventually got the bleeding to stop and now my poor thumb has a band-aid on it and is in a world full of pain. Hopefully, nothing nasty got into the cut.
Oh gods today was insane. I never want to go through a day like today again. However, now I have a fantastic four days off work to look forward to. Going to the eco show tomorrow where I shall meet up with missmai_chan and her hubby John, and then in the evening will be going to Sherene’s house for a roast dinner with the usual suspects. But first, I am going to go fill up George (my hot water bottle) and climb into bed with my girl and my puppies and enter dreamland.


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