Our next door neighbour decided to clean out his gutters this morning, which honestly, I think is a good idea considering how much rain we have had recently. However, the bastard put all of the crap he scooped out of his gutter onto our roof (our houses are so close that our roofs touch), so now all the crap is going to be washed into our gutter. Having a word to this asshole will not solve anything, as he refuses to speak to us about anything. Last year our dogs had moved a fence palling and had gotten into his place. This occurred on numerous occassions apparently. But instead of coming and tell us the first time it happened so that we could repair the fence, he waited and sent us a very rude note about it when the dogs got into his yard for the third time. He also contacted our landlord (how he found out who it was I have no idea) and demanded that they cut down the 3 metre conifer tree in our yard. The reason why he wanted this done was that the pigeons were nesting in the tree and pooping in his backyard. Our agent called us to tell us simply caused he wanted to know if the next neighbour had some mental deficiency. His mother that lives with him on a part-time basis is really lovely, but he is a complete prick.
I just hope that our new neighbours are going to be nice. According to Martyn, they are lovely people, but I guess it will depend on whether they like us or not.

Also, it has now started raining again. It has been fine, although cloudy, all morning and now 15 minutes before I have to leave for work it starts pouring. Typical.


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