If everyone in Sydney walked, cycled or caught public transport one day a week, around 2,400 tonnes of smog-forming chemicals and 13 tonnes of fine particle pollution would be eliminated each year. However, 81% of Australians never use public transport. (Source: SUST. SNAPSHOT 2005).
If the governments properly funded public transport systems so that they were efficient, ran regularly and went to places people need to go, I bet that percentage would drop. Also if your public transport weekly ticket was tax deductible just like company cars are then I am sure we would see more people using it.

As you know my journal has been recently filled with me bitching about the cold weather. I was thinking about putting the electric blanket on the bed tonight, but was wondering if I would be better off buying a couple of hot water bottles and putting them in the bed 15 minutes before bedtime and seeing if that heats up the bed a bit. It would save on the electricity costs.


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