Sunday Shopping

This morning, after a leisure start of lying in bed snuggling with the dogs, lelak and I cycled down to Alfalfa House, which is a community food co-op in Newtown. We brought some lovely organic produce such as pearl barley (for winter soups), a soup mix, tofu, two types of yoghurt (blueberry for me and sheep milk yoghurt for Lela), pink lady apples (as I am considering growing them), an avocardo, half a butternut pumpkin, some chinese cabbage, two navel oranges, dried nectarines and dried mangoes (which are the greatest thing on earth).
We then headed down to Marrickville Metro to do our weekly grocery shop and hit the Asian grocery store as well to get supplies for an Asian soup that Lela is going to make tonight.
We now have lots of lovely food in the house.
We also packed our first box this morning and concluded that we really do have too much crap. *sigh*
missmai_chan do you and John want two black CD racks? They are only small desk ones, but there is nothing wrong with them (well they are a bit dusty).
I really need to get stuck in and do the washing up as we have no spare plates or cutlery.


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