I love Lush products. They do exactly what they say they will do, plus they use organic ingredients from companies that do not use any form of animal testing on any of their products (not just the ones used in Lush products). I used to think of Lush as my luxury indulgence, but actually some of their products are pretty cost effective. I brought two of their shampoo bars plus two tins to take overseas in December. They lasted me until the middle of May, and this is with me washing my hair every day. So for just over $30, I have had 6 months worth of shampoo and saved from the landfill about 10 bottles of shampoo. Now that is damn good value.
I also got a sample of their Helping Hands hand cream when I was in their store about two weeks ago. This stuff is amazing. It has turned my hands from scaly granny hands to soft decent looking hands. missmai_chan, I shall give you a tiny jar of it for you to try. Definitely what your hands need after working in the garden.
I just wish it was warm enough for me to have a bath as I have some gorgeous bubble bath bars waiting to be used and enjoyed, but the bathroom is like an icebox. Luckily, the new place also has a bathtub so when the weather warms up I can go back to my Sunday night ritual of having a bubble bath.


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