It is still cold. It is the kind of cool that seeps into your bones and stays there. I really need to buy some jumpers as I threw all my old ones out and didn’t really keep any until I brought new ones. However, I hate going clothes shopping so I just keep delaying it. Maybe I can delay it until winter is over. That would be very typical of me.

I think perhaps it is time to put the electric blanket on the bed. There is nothing worse than climbing into an icy cold bed and having to shiver until it warms up. Then again snuggling with your girlfriend until you both warm up is kind of nice.

The dogs are definitely feeling the cold as well. Rory stays put under the covers and nestles in close to Lela. We wrap Caleb up in a big blanket to try and keep him warm, but he is getting up earlier and earlier to hop into bed with us. He used to get up at 7am, just seconds before the alarm goes off, but now he has hopped into bed as early as 6:30am. It would be okay if he didn’t try to sprawl across my hips in an attempt to be snuggly. Trust me, when I tell you that you notice 26kg of dog laying on top of you. Although Caleb does warn me when he is about to hop up on the bed and ‘snuggle’ by burrowing under the doona and finding a warm piece of flesh to press his ice cold nose against. Now, that is one heck of an alarm clock. Still I love him cause when he gets into snuggle position he lets out a big sigh of contentment. Happiness is a big dog snuggled with his humans.


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