This afternoon I baked scones and they turned out completely edible, actually they are pretty damn tasty. The last time I baked scones they were so hard that you could kill someone if you threw it at their head. I completely fudged it about how much butter to add in – how you are supposed to measure 1/4 cup of butter is beyond me. Also added more milk than the recipe said as the mixture was too dry. Still it worked and now I have toasty warm scones and butter to eat.

Heated up a can of potato and spinach soup and toasted some almost stale pumpkin bread for lelak‘s and my lunch. Also added some rolled oats to the soup. It was a good lunch, but all through lunch I couldn’t help thinking, this time next year I can make this whole meal from scratch with produce grown in my own garden. That is a damn exciting thought. However, it does require me not to have a black thumb and kill everything. Hmm.. we shall see.

Also discovered that my dogs hate the smell of rosemary, so guess what is going to be planted around the base of my Hills Hoist to stop the dogs peeing there. Also rosemary and lavender perfumes being infused with the clothes drying on the line is such a nice thought. It is also the reason I don’t want my dogs peeing on the Hills Hoist – dog urine smelling clothes is not a pleasant thought.


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