Blue, the cat died at the referral hospital last night. No idea what caused his death.

I got bitten by a dog at work today. The bugger gave me a short sharp snap across my wrist. It didn’t break the skin, but has left a nice swollen deep bruise. I bags not x-raying him tomorrow.

Oushou’s owner was in again tonight. She called up to see if she could bring Oushou in and Todd got the phone call. Apparently she said “I hope I don’t have to wait again like I had to last night.” To which Todd replied, “There isn’t anything happening now, but if a case comes in that is more critical than your cat, then you will have to wait.” Go Todd. Fortunately, the rear hind leg paralysis that was coming in (which was the dog that bit me) hadn’t arrived by the time L came in, so we were able to express Oushou’s bladder and send her home straight away. Gods, she is a bitch.


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