Work Rant

This evening at 5:20pm we had a cat called Blue come in in respiratory distress. Blue gums, blue tongue, fixed and dilated pupils – really not looking good. We managed to tube him and get him on oxygen. He stopped breathing meaning that we had to breathe for him. We ran bloods and found out that his glucose was amazingly low. Ran some glucose IV and got him back breathing on his own and were able to move him to referral hospital for overnight monitoring and further tests.
Whilst all this was going on, we had clients in the waiting room, and one actually in a consult. I was able to move clients over to tomorrow and deal with the client still in the consult.

All was going well until our 5:30pm consult came in (about 15 mins late). It was L with her cat Oushou who needs to have his bladder expressed on an almost daily basis. Blue was still going downhill fast at this point and I hadn’t had a spare second from trying to help Catriona stablise him and deal with the clients in the waiting room. I explained to L that we had a medical emergency underway and that she would have to wait and that hopefully it wouldn’t be too long. Her response was “Well, why didn’t you call me? I wouldn’t have come in until later.” I explained that I had been extremely busy trying to stablise the cat and deal with other clients. “Well, you still should have called me” was her reply. I apologised and left her to sit in the waiting room. But inside I was seething. At what point during a fucking medical emergency would I have had the time to make phone calls??

It got worse. L then started complaining that she had a child home sick with a fever (her kids are all over 20 years old). I offered to admit Oushou into hospital where we could express his bladder and he could stay overnight and go home in the morning. Now, might be time to mention that Oushou really likes staying with us and L has commented on how relaxed Oushou is when he is at our clinic. L refused to admit Oushou because “I couldn’t stand to have him away from me for a night”. She then immediately yelled at me some more about her poor sick kid at home burning up with fever and how she didn’t have time to be sitting here.
Well, I am fucking sorry that our only vet is currently resuscitating someone else’s beloved pet and doesn’t have time to anaesthise your cat and squeeze his bladder. Besides, we only have one anaesthetic/oxygen machine and that was being used to keep Blue alive. Dear lord woman, get some god damn perspective!

We finally got Oushou on the table to do his bladder, at this time Blue was able to breath by himself and was on a table next to OR table in case we had to place him back on oxygen.
I was so fucking irrate at L. What a rude bitch. We quickly did Oushou and basically kicked them out.

It was 7:30pm before we got Blue stable enough to be transferred. Fortunately, his owners were really lovely people and were grateful for all we were able to do.


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