I must remember that I agreed to work this Saturday. This is a good thing as it means I get the long weekend off work. Also I can go to the Eco Living Expo and meet up with Sare and John without being covered in pet hair and smelling like vet clinic.

Gods, it has gotten cold quickly. It was 9C this morning. Is it supposed to be 9C in May?
I have worked out why I hate Australian winters even though they are nowhere near as cold as European winters. It is the lack of central heating that makes them so miserable. I enjoy the cold, but when you are constantly cold it becomes no fun at all. When the house is the same temperature if not colder than outside it is pure evil. I loved walking around European cities in the crisp winter air all rugged up and then coming inside to the warmth. Here there is barely any warmth to come in to. Also with houses being open planned (which is lovely in summer) heating is an absolute nightmare not to mention an expensive exercise. It is just not worth it. Anyone got any ideas about how to heat an open planned house without running up huge electricity bills?

Also if anyone can tell me where you can buy a flannelette doona (quilt) cover in Australia, I promise I will be your friend for life. Sarah G had one when we went to stay with her in Birmingham and it was so lovely to be surrounded by warm flannel in bed, so cozy and snuggly.
Lela has suggested just sewing up two flannelette sheets, which is a great suggestion… if I could sew.


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