House and Garden

We went to see the house again this afternoon and I love it even more. It just feels comfortable, if that makes any sense. Lela measured all the rooms, so we now have some idea of how big everything is and if all of our stuff will fit.
I meanwhile grabbed the camera and took photos of the garden space.

The Front Garden Bed

What I am going to plant here I have no idea. The lady next door has geraniums growing quite nicely in her front yard which receives the same amount of sun as we do. I would like something hedge-like that flowers, so that the house doesn’t look so boring from the street.

Right Side Garden Bed

This patch looks like it gets lots of sun, so it would be perfect for a veggie patch. Tomatoes and beans would go nicely against the little fence. Not that much room for much more, maybe some silverbeet inbetween the tomatoes and beans and some marigolds at the front.

Along the Back Fence

Maybe a passionfruit vine to grow up the fence. I was thinking of planting my rose bush here as it does look like it gets bit of sun. Also the olive tree here as well. Would a grapefruit tree fit as well?

Left side Garden Bed

I was thinking about planting dwarf apple trees here with strawberries, but maybe a second veggie patch would be more productive and a better use of space, as the apple trees can always grow in pots.

The Concrete Slab

Here is where I was thinking about having my potatoes in tyres and the pumpkin in the wading pool. I could probably fit some potted dwarf fruit trees in here as well.

The Side Path

This area doesn’t get all that much sun being hemmed in by a house on either side, but it might be a nice area for growing some natives. I would like to grow some mozzie blocker plants in there next to the bedroom and loungeroom windows. There is already a Chinese Star Jasmine tree growing quite nicely there. I love Jasmine so it is staying.

The Jasmine Tree

It looks quite happy.

So if anyone has any ideas of what I should plant and where, please let me know. In my head, the garden beds were wider, so now I have to change all my plans to accommodate the space.
However, the lawn area is bigger, so the dogs will have more space to romp – that I am happy about. Also should I risk planting some lavender at the base of the Hills Hoist knowing that Caleb will constantly pee on it?

This house is OURS!!!


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