We went past our new house today and it had a SOLD sign up. This had us bouncing up and down in our car seats. We also practiced parking in our brand new carport – just because we could.
Hopefully, we can get access to the house next weekend to measure rooms and windows etc to work out what will fit where. Also I can get a better idea of how big my planting space will be in the garden. I have to keep remembering that it is not that big and I will not be able to plant everything I want to.

My random thoughts on “Age of Steel”

Jackie’s breasts were truly the most scariest thing in that episode. The Cybermen had nothing on her gigantic looming cleavage.

Billie in a French maid’s outfit…. very, very nice. Although I do prefer her in her typical “chav” wear. She just looks so hot in casual wear.

I am going to miss you Mickey. I never thought I would say that. Mickey was a character that annoyed the crap out of me for most of the series. He was a whiny, useless twat. Then he became cool, witty and useful, and thus immediately left for a better life in a parallel world.
His last line, “I once saved the universe in a large yellow truck” was a fitting farewell.
Maybe he will pop up again, who knows. You can never say never in a show like Doctor Who.

Also David Tennant, you are THE Doctor. I have much love for David Tennant.


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