Hectic Day

Yesterday was an extremely hectic day. I was running late for work in the morning. It was at this time that Rory decided that she could squeeze her head under the hole in the fence, but in the process of doing that cut her nose. There was blood everywhere including along the fence. Obviously, I have been a vet nurse for a long time, cause I patched up the fence before the beagle. The cut was only small, but because it was on the nose, there was lots of blood.
So patched up the fence and the beagle, put the dogs into the backyard and started powerwalking to the train station. Lela called on the way to say that we had to pay the deposit on the house. Multiple phone calls to my parents and Lela to arrange things and I managed to arrive at the train station a minute before my train arrived. Go me.
I had a few minutes when I got to work to call the real estate agent to find out bank details. Apparently my real estate agent used to be a pig farmer in Griffith. The things you find out when people learn that you work at a vet clinic.
Then all hell broke loose. Amidst the four baths and one desex surgery we had scheduled, we had a dog with hepapathy (undiagnosed liver problems) try to die on us multiple times. Five minute obs are not fun to perform. We were eventually able to turf her to the referral hospital for an ultrasound where it was found she had an abscess in one lobe of her liver and that her liver overall was very abnormal. She is scheduled for surgery this morning but there is a very high risk she will die on the table.
Oushou had sprung yet another leak in his bladder tube. Duct tape truly is the wonder tape. You can do anything if you have duct tape.
One minute it was 11:30am the next it was 3pm, no idea where the day went, but those days are good, no wishing that time would move faster.
We now have heaps of paperwork from the bank to read over before we sign our mortgage and get locked into 30 years of debt.


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