The Weekend

A huge weekend this weekend. Started with having to work on Saturday morning. Our computer at the reception desk up and died on Thursday. We got a new computer that afternoon which I had to install the veterinary software on it we used. By Friday, the computer network had done something completely whacky meaning that we had no veterinary software on the reception computer and the computer in the consult was extremely slow and kept crashing. Saturday morning and still no reception computer. It is annoying and takes time to keep rushing out to the office to check prices and make up people’s accounts. We had a cat who was found fitting uncontrollably Saturday morning and was rushed in. Only thanks to massive doses of phenobarb could we get the fitting down to a twitch. The owners didn’t want the cat transferred to the 24 hour emergency and specialist centre down the road where it could actually be treated properly as it was deemed too expensive. So the poor cat is left in our clinic on a drip for the weekend with the vet coming in to check on it every couple of hours. *sigh* Whilst all this was going on, we had consults we had to try to do and people waiting in the waiting room. It was insane.
On Saturday night, Lela and I went out to a farewell dinner for Danny, who works with Lela. It was held at Lowenbrau, a German beerhall in The Rocks. The place was just fabulous with the waiters in lederhosen and the waitress in short traditional German dresses and hiking boots. The food was amazing, and so much of it. All meat and fat – good old traditional German food. Lela loved the beer, she still misses the beer we had in Austria. After dinner we went upstairs to the uberbar, where I just felt old. It has been years since I have been in a straight bar and had to watch boys tanked up on alcohol try to pick up. It just isn’t pretty. Also they were playing 80s music and the kids were going crazy for it. Seeing kids who weren’t even out of nappies during the Bon Jovi era screaming out the lyrics for ‘Living on a Prayer’ was just wrong.
This morning we went to visit Lela’s grandmother to have breakfast with her, Lela’s parents and her brother. An early morning after a late night is never a good thing. It is now 5:30pm and Lela and I are exhausted. Actually Lela and Rory are crashed out on the couch asleep.
When did I get so old?


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