Things are still going smoothly with regards to the house. Waiting for written approval of our home loan, which we are supposed to get at the end of this week. We had the pest inspection report done on Wednesday and all seems to be fine there. Spoke to our conveyancer on Wednesday night and there were a couple of things in the contract that he was not happy with and is attempting to get changed. This is apparently quite normal. So, we are waiting to hear back from the seller’s conveyancer about them.

In the meantime, I am getting excited about the prospect of having my very own garden. I really want to make it a self-sufficient vegetable garden with some native plants and flowers added to it. So I am in research mode about vegetable growing and organic gardening.
At the moment I want to plant tomatoes, potatoes, passionfruit, avocados, strawberries, spinach, beans and garlic. Perhaps maybe some pumpkin and lettuce as well. Also looking at container growing some dwarf apples and oranges, plus the pink grapefruit tree we already have in a pot.
Flowerwise, I really want to try my hand at trying to grow a rose bush plus some lavender. Also there is a native plant that is supposed to repel mossies, which would be great to have growing outside the bedroom window.
The challenge will be finding room for all the things I want to grow.


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