Dogs with Bones

To keep Caleb and Rory amused whilst we went househunting yesterday, I brought them two massive bones from the butchers. Oh, there was such doggy joy about having large bones to chew on.
I have put the photos under an LJ cut in case some of you are squeamish about dogs eating bones

Small beagle with large bone.

For such a large dog, he has a very dainty way of eating.

Rory dragged her bone under the ferns to eat it in a more secluded area.

By the end of the day, Rory had managed to take both the bones and bury them under the house. She then spent the entire night trying to guard them – from what I am not sure. But that damn beagle got me up every two hours to go and check on the bones. Both bones have now been confiscated and put in the rubbish bin. I am not going through another sleepless night.


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