Here we go again….

Time for round two of buying a house. It was my first and Lela’s second viewing of the house at Hart Street.
It is much bigger than the one at Terry Street – and so much storage space. It has two decent sized bedrooms, both with built-ins, a lounge room (with a gas heater), kitchen and dinning area, back sunroom, bathroom with separate toilet and an internal laundry. It also has a bike shed and a tool shed on one side of the house, plus what looks like a children’s cubby house in the backyard. The house also has off street parking, which is a huge plus considering Hart Street is a very narrow street.

Here is what the house looks like from the front.

The rest of the photos we took of it are here.

We spent the day in the neighbourhood cause we were looking at some other houses in the area. It is unbelivably quiet considering that a six lane highway is at one end of the street and just over the hill is the airport. The neighbourhood is just lovely. At the end of the street is a huge park area that we have dubbed “Landfill Park”, because basically that is what it is – reclaimed land from swamp area. In the middle of the park is a golf driving range and next to that is a fully enclosed off-leash dog park which overlooks the airport. Heaps of places to walk the dogs, even if Caleb is too aggro to play in the dog park with other dogs.

So, we made an offer on the house – and we just got a call from the real estate agent to say it has been accepted!!
What is lovely about Martyn, our real estate agent, is that he is actually telling us what our next mode of action should be, unlike Nick who just rang up hassling us about getting our finance in order and didn’t give us any idea of what we should be doing.
Crossed fingers that the building inspection goes well and that there is nothing structually wrong with this place.


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