We had way too much fun doing surgery today. We have recently had a new phone system set up at work, which means that we finally have gotten a phone in the operating theatre. The big bonus of this system is that we have the radio as our hold music and can play it through the phone. This means we have music whilst we do surgery. So, there we are doing surgery and dancing and singing away.

Anyway, we had the bladder surgery on Oushou, the cat who got hit by a car last week. Oushou’s owner L., has been coming in at least three times a day to visit Oushou and to cry. Oushou now has his very own St Francis of Assisi medal which we promised her we would take into the operating theatre whilst we did the surgery. L. also made Kerri promise that she wouldn’t leave the operating theatre during the surgery. I, on the other hand, had to call her to give her updates and Kerri then had to go down to the fruit shop she owns straight after the surgery to let her now personally how it went. To say that L. loves Oushou is an understatement.
The surgery itself was really interesting. Basically, what we did was insert a tube into the bladder which then passed through the skin to the outside and fitted a tap on it to release the urine. This will give us a much easier way to empty his bladder rather than anaesthise him twice a day. It will also allow him to try to urinate, if he is able. All it is doing is buying time, I really don’t think that Oushou is going to regain voluntary control over his bladder. In four weeks time, he will most probably be shifted to ARH for specialist surgery to come up with a permanent solution (if they can). I really don’t want to be the one to have to L. that Oushou will need to euthanized. I also hope it doesn’t come to that, as he really is a lovely cat and very easy to handle and medicate.
Hopefully St Francis of Assisi can work miracles.


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