Everyone knows I am a huge fan of the ABC, especially ABC Local Radio, which keeps my mind from melting into a puddle of ooze whilst cleaning out cages and doing other mind numbingly boring work.

Getup.org.au is launching a campaign to increase the government’s funding of the ABC, cause at the moment, they are hell bent on reducing it to the point where the ABC will be no longer able to function.

From getup.org.au
“We are at a turning point in the future of a fundamental and cherished Australian institution, the ABC. Right now, the Government is considering the ABC’s funding for the next three years. It is also trying to rush through legislation to abolish the staff-elected position on the ABC board, which will further undermine the ABC’s independence and integrity.

As it stands, the ABC is $264 million poorer in real terms today than it was 20 years ago. The programs we rely on – from independent news and current and affairs to quality children’s content – are under extreme pressure. In a very real sense, the integrity of the ABC is now at stake.

Let’s show politicians in Canberra that the ABC’s owners – the public – are prepared to stand up and defend it. For this to work, every signature counts. We’ve set a goal of 75,000 signatures. Will you – and your friends and colleagues – help us get there?”

If you want to show your support for Australia’s only unbiased source of news and information, then sign the petition at http://www.getup.org.au/campaign/FundOurABC


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