If I wasn’t known as the crazy lady beforehand I will be now. I did the gardening in my PJs and bedsocks this morning. There I was pottering around on our front verandah in my cloud PJs pruning my strawberry plant and my chrysthamans. I also pruned my basil and parsley plants that are growing on the kitchen windowsil and then gave everything a good watering with fertiliser. My poor basil is not looking healthy, hopefully it will grow back.

Work was very quiet today – nothing to do but two baths and a groom, and I got all those done by 1:30pm.

Tomorrow we are going to be doing a surgery to attach a tube to a cat’s bladder so it can empty its bladder. The cat was hit by a car a week ago and has fractured its sacrum (lower spine). It has lost the voluntarily control over its bladder and all feeling in its tail. We were hoping that the sensation would return, but the cat just isn’t peeing, so surgery is the next option. I have never seen this kind of operation done before, and Todd (the vet) hasn’t never done one, so it should be an interesting day. The procedure sounds easy enough, so hopefully it will all go well.


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