I got to go on my first housecall today. It was for vaccinating six dogs. Usually Kerri goes on all housecalls, but obviously I have proved myself to be competent, or it was a test to prove I am competent. Anyway, I didn’t stuff up and we were in and out of there quicker than we thought we would be.

We have had heaps of cats come into work recently, and most of them have been just plain feral. My cat handling skills really suck – I just lack the confidence to just grab them and hold on for dear life. I really have to work on that.

My tolerance level for idiotic pet owners has plummeted through the floor recently. We had this stupid couple with their undesex tom cat come in this afternoon, and they didn’t have their cat in any kind of box or cage. So of course, the cat freaks out, urinates all over the waiting room and then hides under the reception desk. If that wasn’t bad enough, the owners try to make out the cat wasn’t theirs but it was a stray they found. Pity they wrote the cat’s name on the new client form before trying out their story. Also, we told them we wouldn’t release the cat back to them until it had been with us for at least 7 days (which is our policy on stray cats). They changed their story pretty quickly when they realised that they weren’t going to get the medical care for nothing, and that they could lose ownership of their cat in the process.
The cat ended up having a cat fight abscess, which we repaired, and we desexed it as well. However, our entire waiting room stunk of cat piss, no matter what we tried to do to get rid of the smell.


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