The Doctor is In

This episode had me thinking, “Yes! Doctor Who is Back!” Whilst ‘New Earth’ and ‘Tooth and Claw’ were okay episodes, they didn’t grab me like the episodes in Series One did. This one did. I can’t put my finger on what exactly made it a fabulous episode – it just had that vibe to it.

Anthony Stewart Head (ASH) was just fabulous. He is just a pure joy to watch on the small screen. He looked like he was having so much fun playing the bad guy.
The episode had a very Buffy feel to it. I am not sure if it was because ASH was in it or the fact that it was set in a high school that was giving me flash backs to my Buffy fandom days. The pacing felt very Buffy like as well. Quick scenes, the CGI monsters, the witty one liners – something defines both Buffy and Doctor Who.

Having never seen the ‘old’ series, I wasn’t as excited as my girlfriend about the appearance of Sarah-Jane Smith and K9. I wasn’t the one running around today yelling “K-9!” I loved Sarah-Jane Smith and I really wished she said yes to the Doctor’s request to rejoin him in the TARDIS. A great character beautifully played. I am now wanting to go and track down her previous appearances on Doctor Who.
K9 wasn’t any near as cheesy as I thought he would be. I actually cried when he and the Doctor said their goodbyes. Damn you K9! I now really, really want my very own K9.

Rose, thankfully, was back to her old self again. I really enjoyed the scenes with her and Sarah-Jane discussing what it really means to be a companion of the Doctor’s. The scene between the Doctor and Rose was also just heartbreaking. It really rewoke my shameful shipper tendencies.
What I found really intriguing was Rose’s reaction to Mickey joining the TARDIS crew. If looks could kill. I guess Rose likes having Mickey in his own timeline where she can just drop in and getting some lovin’, do some flirting and then go back to her life with the Doctor. Having Mickey in the TARDIS is going to make things very uncomfortable for Rose. It may make for some interesting viewing providing the writers don’t turn it into a soap opera. However, with the fabulous Steven Moffat in charge for the next episode, I have no worries about this.


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