We aren’t buying the place on Terry Street. Lela, her parents and my parents went to have another look at the place on Saturday morning (I was working) and they found quite a few things wrong the place that weren’t really easily fixable. Structural things by the sounds of it. We are bummed, but if the house has major faults then it isn’t worth buying. So, back to square one, but this time we know what to look for, I guess. Also more time to get ourselves more organised and not feeling totally rushed and out of control, so that is good.

Spent yesterday afternoon and night at Sherene’s brand new house. Insanely jealous of the house and the backyard – so much space, but then again if you live all the way out at Penrith, that is what you can get. Had a great time just hanging out with friends and being silly. I needed a night like that.

Today is Domestic day – doing the groceries, the laundry, the dishes…. blah. So getting a dishwasher in the new house.


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