On Monday we made an offer on the house at Terry Street. It was 30K less than the asking price, so we were fairly sure they wouldn’t accept it but would come back with a counter offer. However last night we found out that they have accepted our offer. This means that we have a house if we want it. Have to now get all the building inspections and other stuff done. We have also got pre-approval for a loan from one bank, but we are still looking around to see if we can get a better deal.
The only problem at the moment is that the house and one of the fences lies 5cm over the boundary line. I am not sure how much of a problem this is as all houses in the Inner West seem to be overlapping onto one another. We are meeting with the conveyancer on Sunday to go through all the legal stuff.
I am excited that they have accepted the offer, but shellshocked as well. This is a huge step, a huge commitment. All I really want to do at this moment is go and see the house again.


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