I had a dentist appointment today as last time I was there they identified a small cavity in my front tooth that needed filing. The dentist I had this time around was obsessed with the evils of drinking Coke. I got a thirty minute lecture on how I shouldn’t drink Coke and that he had hoped I had stopped now. I don’t deny that my filing is caused by my Coke drinking, but I figure that since I have been a heavy Coke drinker for the past 16 years and all I have is one tiny filing to show for it that I am not at risk of all my teeth falling out tomorrow like the dentist was trying to tell me. The filing was that small that I didn’t need any anesthetic for the procedure. It was a little uncomfortable, but the most painful bit was shoving a toothpick in between my two front teeth so he could put the filing material in.

Because the NIB dental centre only believe in doing one procedure at a time I have to go back in a month’s time for my 6 monthly scale and clean. This is so damn annoying. The only reason I could get to the dentist today was because I happened to get the day off work. The dentist was trying to scare me into coming back saying that there was problems with my teeth that needed to be fixed with a fluoride treatment because my diet was bad. Say what? Five months ago the dentist pronounced my teeth in good condition with the exception of the small cavity, now my teeth are suffering the effects of an apparent ‘poor diet’. If anything my diet has improved over the last 5 months, I am eating more fruit and vegies, less junk food – and even five months ago I didn’t eat huge amounts of sugar ladden food. Fat ladden foods are my weakness. My Coke intake has even decreased. So what ‘poor diet’ is this man on about? I hate people that try to scare you into doing things.

The only fun part of the whole experience was the conversation I had with the dental nurse about Christmas time in Montreal as we waited for my filing to set. I am not even sure how we got onto the topic.

However, I do realise I need to cut down on my Coke intake. My weight loss goes much easier when I am drinking less Coke. So starting tomorrow, less Coke for me. Cause now, I am really, really craving a Coke. I am being good and having a glass of apple juice, but I will have a Coke tonight with dinner.


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