We went househunting with Lela’s parents today to see what was out there in the market. Both of our parents are pressuring us to buy a house, and in a way they are right, it is a good time to buy, but still, the thought of being in debt to the tune of $500,000 is damn scary.
Anyway, we went and we saw – and I never want to be in a car with Lela’s dad ever again. It was an infuriating process trying to navigate narrow one-way back streets with someone who won’t listen.
We saw one place we are thinking about in Terry St, Tempe. But should one really consider buying one of the first places they looked at, then again, if we don’t and we miss out, will we find someone as good again? Cause quite frankly the majority of the places we looked at were crap.

So, the pros and cons:

* Nice backyard with good fences
* Open plan, especially the kitchen and living area being one space.
* A great kitchen
* A really nice bathroom, which has a bath
* A Dishwasher (this was on my list of things I wanted in my dream house)
* Air conditioning (also on my list of things I wanted in my dream house)
* Great undercover paved entertaining area
* The laundry is not in the bathroom
* Lots of natural light
* A garden shed
* Wide and quiet suburban street
* Polished floor boards

* Small bedrooms, not tiny, but not spacious either
* The front door is in the living room
* Glass and wood back doors like what we have here which the dogs can and will scratch the crap out of
* No storage space at all
* Timber house with cladding (who knows what condition the house is in under the cladding)
* No front windows, so can’t see people entering the property (Lela is debating installing a webcam)
* Front of house looks like a garage
* No off-street parking
* Under the flight path (but then again, we already live under the flight path)

So do we put in an offer for this place?


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