Books and Bikes

I rode my new bicycle for the first time today. Well, when I say my new bike, I really mean Lela’s old bike which she is letting me use. I just rode up to the library, about a five minute ride away. So, not that far, but it was a good little test run. Lela, Susan, Fiona and I are doing a big bike ride tomorrow morning – I fear it may kill me. I am so out of shape.

I also joined the library today. I am sick of spending money on books I will only probably read once and having them take up space. Also, I don’t read a wide range of books because I don’t want to spend money on something I might not like. Hence, I joined the library. Found lots of books I wanted to read, which is a good sign, but I limited myself to only three considering I have only got them for three weeks.
Now, I just have to decide which one to read first. Also our library has a small DVD/video collection. I found a copy of the first season of ‘All Creatures Great & Small’ which I have been dying to watch since I read the books, but couldn’t justify the price tag.

However, the best news of all – I have FOUR days off work. I don’t have to go back in until Wednesday. No work this weekend, Tuesday is ANZAC Day and Kerri is working Monday for me, as payback for me working her shift yesterday. I will be probably using most of those days getting over tomorrow’s bike ride.


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