Friends and Dogs

We had lunch at Lela’s parents today along with her brother, his girlfriend, her grandmother, our two dogs and her brother’s three dogs. There were dogs everywhere. Caleb, in his increasingly narky frame of mind, decided to take on Chopper, Julian’s rottweiler, until they decided that violence was only getting them in trouble and they could decide who was dominate dog by having a pissing contest. I kid you not, Caleb and Chopper took things outside and went and pissed over the backyard and each other’s pissing spots until something had been worked out. I think Caleb retained his top dog status. After that there was an uneasy truce. Poor Rory was completely dwarfed by everyone else – we had a rottweiler, two german shepherds, a kelpie, and one small beagle. I would have felt sorry if anyone chose today to break into Lela’s parents house. The dogs set up a sentry posting on the balcony. All five dogs almost evenly spaced out, guarding the house. It was almost like they were sending out a message to the neighbourhood – “This house is defended!”
After an afternoon of playing with their cousins, we took our two very tired dogs home, and then headed out to Mel and Fiona’s place for an evening playing card and Pictionary. It was really nice just to hang out with friends, play games and chat.
*sigh* Unfortunately, it is back to work tomorrow. I want more holidays!


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