Adventures in Bread Making

I made some basil and feta cheese bread today. It tasted so unbelievably good. Unfortunately, there are no photos as Lela and I dug into it as soon as the minimum cool down time had passed. Lela had spent the 20 minutes previously whining like a small child about how long the bread was taking to cook. Somehow I think she was really looking forward to eating it.

New Doctor Who screened in the UK today. The download was so slow and took 6 hours *sigh* However, it did allow me to get all my domestic chores and bread baking out of the way first. I finally opened the bottle of Coke I brought home from Vienna – to celebrate the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who.

Thoughts on “New Earth” (no spoilers)

* I love David Tennant as The Doctor. He does English eccentric so well.

* Billie Piper is as gorgeous as ever – and proved once again that she can act.

* Not overly in awe of this episode. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t fantastic. Lots of great one-liners, very cool make-up and great sets but something was missing. Maybe it was the sappy crap at the beginning of the episode that was way too overdone. I love Doctor/Rose ship, but the beginning interaction felt really forced. Thankfully, it didn’t continue like that.

* I am very excited about the next two episodes. I really do hope that they live up to my expectations.

Currently downloading the new Doctor Who Confidential episode. I love this idea – a behind the scenes look at the episode that just screened. It is fantastic!

Random Thought: Nothing tastes as good as Red Tulip Easter Rabbits.


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