Over-priced handbags and rat-sized dogs

Waif-like models were condemned by JK Rowling yesterday as “empty-headed,self-obsessed, emaciated clones”.
The author of the Harry Potter novels said she did not want her daughters, Mackenzie, one, and Jessica, 12, to emulate women whose only function was to support the trade in “over-priced handbags and rat-sized dogs”.

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I love JK Rowling. She sums up what I think of the majority of Hollywood and the TV industry these days. It seems that these stick figures with eating disorders are all you see on TV and in magazines these days. When the viewing public see a normal size woman they label her as ‘overweight’. How fucked up is that.
I have been reading with amazement the reactions of US audiences to the new Doctor Who series. Almost every single one of them have labelled Billie Piper as being overweight. Yes, she does wear baggy clothes, but just because you can’t count her ribs doesn’t mean she is overweight. Honestly, does she look overweight to you?
No wonder so many kids have eating disorders if they believe they normal-sized is overweight.

Lately Lela and I have been watching a lot of British TV, mainly Doctor Who and Bleak House. The one thing I have enjoyed about that, besides the fact that it is well written television, is the fact that I am not yelling at the actresses to ‘eat something’ every five minutes. Nor do I have to worry that when they run they may break something. I find that I have a hard time watching US TV now. It just seems over produced, badly written and full of anorexic waifs. BBC you have ruined me!


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