I have turned into one of those horrible nasty adults I hated as a child. I yelled at a bunch of school kids today. Admittedly they were banging on the windows of the clinic to attract the kittens in the cage next to it. So I went out the front and yelled at them. Worst thing is that their father was standing right next to them. Way to go Dad, teach your children to respect other people’s property. I hate parents who refuse to teach their kids respect and manners.

Extremely busy day at work today and we get lumped with Branslow, the imbecile. He has been working on and off at our clinic for over 6 months and he still can’t bath a dog properly. Still hasn’t grasped the concept that the whole dog has to be wet before shampoo is applied. Also if he starts patting and poking a dog I am holding for an injection one more time there will be blood shed. You would think he would learn how to properly conduct himself around animals, but he hasn’t. Kerri and I made it quite clear to Catriona that we no longer want him turning up at our clinic when he has a TAFE assignment due and expecting us to do it for him. He has two other vet clinics where he is actually doing work experience at, let him go bother them.


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