Lots of planets have a North!

I decided to head into the city today, despite still suffering awfully from this damn cold. I really wanted to go see what was out there in Doctor Who merchandise. So, I went to Galaxy Books and was delighted to find that they had a huge Doctor Who section – they were also playing ‘Serenity’ as well. I just love going to sci-fi stores there is a sense of being amongst your own kind there.
Anyway, I brought things and spent money;
Two Doctor Who Ninth Doctor Novels – “The Monsters Inside” and “Only Human”
A Talking Tardis Money Box – it plays the sound of the TARDIS dematerialising and quotes from series 1.
I could have spent so much more. They had the shooting scripts of all of the episodes from series 1. I am still very tempted by that. Plus there are heaps more Ninth Doctor novels out there.
I managed to outgeek the guy at the counter. He very excitedly told me that the Tenth Doctor novels were due out soon. Not only did I tell him the release date of the novels, but I went on about the season 2 trailer that was released on the BBC website this morning. I am sure that as soon as I left the store, he was going online to find the trailer.
I think I over did it today walking around the city – I feel pretty crappy now. Damn stupid cold, I hate feeling sick. I also hate that it has gone into my lungs and is now fucking with my asthma. My new best friend is now once again my ventolin inhaler.


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