Subversive Gay Agenda

The Doctor Who Yahoo group I’m on is all a quiver because of the scandalous idea that the Doctor could change in his next regeneration into a female. It is amazing watching people come out of the woodwork to denounce this. The main reason why this idea, which has been kicking around the Doctor Who universe for at least the last 20 years, is so scandalous is because apparently it is all part of Russell T Davis’ “gay agenda”. Apparently it seems that if you are gay and a TV writer then the only thing you are able to write is gay storylines. This is despite the fact that the Doctor is the most straight and heterosexual he has ever been. The sparkage between Rose and the Doctor, which RTD created, is tangible and undeniable. But no, RTD is going to turn the whole Doctor Who universe gay by turning Doctor Who into his own political soapbox to explore transgenderism and lesbianism. Yes, someone actually said this.
My response… get over it. Gay people exist now and they will in the future. The world is not going to end if they also exist in the Doctor Who universe. The character of Captain Jack is so very upsetting to many people. I am just astounded at, well, I guess the level of ignorance still out there. Just because you are gay doesn’t mean that you want to convert the whole world – it is just one facet of you, like having brown hair or liking sci-fi TV.
If you looked at the current Doctor Who, it would seem that RTDs gay agenda is to turn everyone straight. Hence, my wonderful girlfriend has created a new icon for me…

I have much love for it.

Although, I shall have to turn down my narkiness of Doctor_Who, I guess telling people I find it funny watching the neo-cons heads implode was going a little too far. I will just blame it on my cold medication.


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