The A-Team Doctor Who style.

I loved the A-Team as a kid. I couldn’t get enough of it. Going to Universal Studios and seeing the A-Team stunt show at age 10 was like a dream come true. Nowdays, I am wondering what I was so obsessed with, but there was much A-Team love in my youth.

Ribs still sore, but not as bad as last night. The pain will probably kick in as my body realises that it was made to do 3 grooms today – 2 of them on sedated animals (a cat and a rabbit) which means a lot of time bent over. I love the fact that they are sedated and not trying to bite me, but I really wish the table was higher.

I had some very strange dreams last night, including one about a Doctor Who spin-off called Regeneration D which had a teenage female Doctor. I am blaming my sore ribs for that one.


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