Wedding Photos

We have finally uploaded the photos from the wedding that Lela and I went to two weekends ago.

My parents and I at the wedding, and yes, I do look like my mother. *sigh*

Sal and Tim, plus groomsmen. Sal and I sat next to each other at kindergarten.

Tyran and Chris. Tyran is Sal’s ex-boyfriend. Chris was my scottish dancing partner when we were in primary school. Tyran was in the same children’s theatre company as I was. Tyran and Chris are now dating.

Patrick (right) and his husband Ben. Patrick was Sal’s scottish dancing partner and was with Tyran, Sal and I at both primary school and in the same theatre company as us.

Unfortunately no photos of Lela as she was the one with the camera.

I have also updated my journal’s layout. I am not sure if that is how it is going to remain though.


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