Going off my meds

I have spent all of this week ringing up my doctor to try and get a repeat prescription for my medication. Obviously, my doctor is too damn lazy to do it. I can’t get in to see him because he is in Surry Hills whilst I live in Marrickville and work in Homebush. The only reason I went there, was that I used to live right near them and I had finally found a doctor who would treat my IBS. Then he left the practice, but they knew me there and would keep treating me in the same way so I kept going back. However, now it seems to be a huge problem to do a repeat script without going in for an appointment, which it has never been in the past.
I have been wondering for a while if I could cope without my meds. I guess now is the time to test that theory. Hmm… coming off using anti-depressants which I have been on for over two years is going to be fun.


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