There are days that I really hate clients. Today was that day.
A lady comes in (minus her dog) and complains that her dog has a sore back, is in pain and she wants me to dispense pain relief and anti-inflammatories. I try to explain to her that it would be best for her to bring the dog in so we can assess his injuries and give him the best medication for his condition. She tells me that she is unable to bring the dog in because… now wait for it… she has to go overseas in four weeks time. What the fuck? She then goes on with a sob story that she has started a new job and she doesn’t get a lunch break (well neither do I) and besides “you are open such ridiculous hours.” I explain to her that our opening hours are between 8:30am and 7pm. Obviously she was able to make them cause she was standing and yelling at me at 6pm. Her next excuse is that she can’t lift the dog into the car. I wasn’t buying that because her dog is a fox terrier. Then she starts on the “you are just trying to get money out of me.” Love, if I was just trying to get money out of you, I would have sold you the drugs. The legal situation is that because I have not seen your dog for its current complaint, I can’t sell you the drugs – end of story. I give her an estimate of how much the consult plus medication might cost (approx. $100). She freaks out at this. So, she can afford to go overseas but can’t afford to spend $100 on her dog. She then asks what human medication she can use – well, none. Then she lays on the ‘my dog is in pain and you are doing nothing’ rant. Well, I am not the one who is using every excuse in the book not to bring my dog in for appointment. After getting nowhere with me, she storms out.
I go out the back and relay the story to Todd. Then for the rest of the evening whenever we would ask the other to do something, the reply always was, “No I can’t do that, I have to go overseas in four weeks”.


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