I have had a very geeky weekend. Spent most of it watching Doctor Who (I have now seen every episode in the new series) and the rest of it was spent on the computer looking at Doctor Who stuff. I now have the TARDIS landing sound as my “you’ve got mail” sound. Also I have appeared to gotten somedayvet hooked on Doctor Who without actually meaning to. Does this increase or decrease my geek status?

My new computer chair has been returned from Newcastle and is now fully assembled. It is very comfortable. I may never leave my computer ever again.

In other news, it appears we have a sewerage leak. There is an awful smell coming from the side of the house. I hope it is just a one off thing and doesn’t mean that we have to tear up the concrete to repair it. That would be messy and complicated. Dealing with our real estate agent is an absolute nightmare and is to be avoided at all costs.
Our house is also under attack by pantry moths. I cleaned out all our cupboards yesterday and threw out any opened grain or wheat products. Apparently they don’t like the smell of bay leaves or eucalyptus oil, so I have scattered some dried bay leaves around the cupboards and have some cotton balls soaked in eucalyptus oil in strategic locations. Hopefully we can get rid of the damn things.


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