Win This Puppy

I got an email today from one of the ladies who runs one of the dog rescue organisations we do vet work for.
Total Girl Magazine Online is giving away a puppy in one of their competitions. It must be noted that Total Girl has a readership aged from 7 -12 years old. That’s right, they are giving away a puppy to kids.
I have already sent them an email saying how irresponsible a competition like this is, and a puppy is not a fashion accessory to be given away like a handbag or make-up. A puppy is a 8 – 15 year commitment and do they honestly think that their readers are ready to make that kind of commitment.
If you want to have a look at their competition is here
Note they are giving away a “designer” dog (maltese cross poodle).
If you want to write a letter of complaint, please send it to


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